We are Accredion

Accredion was founded by event organisers who wanted to solve the headache of accreditation.

"We built it for our most important client. Then we asked: Why don't we share it with others?"

Back in 2008, our digital agency Scrn was asked to take care of online accreditation at the largest music competition and one of the most advanced TV productions in the world: the Eurovision Song Contest. We looked around; there was Excel and there were multi-million euro/dollar systems built by large IT companies. And in between, there were all sorts of solutions that just didn’t fit their needs. So, we built a custom accreditation system, which over the years grew to become one of the fundamental pillars of the event’s organisation.

Based on years of fine-tuning and countless lessons learned, we completely rebuilt the platform in 2017. A year later, we launched Accredion — and we are incredibly excited to share it with fellow event organisers around the world.

To create the best accreditation/credentialing platform in the world — that’s our mission. Want to empower your next conference, sports or entertainment event with Accredion? Request early access!

Let us know if you have ideas to make it even better. Thank you.


accreditation records

we’ve processed over the past years 10 years.

Simply complex

While what we build is incredibly complex, that doesn’t mean it has to be for you as an end user. That’s why we always look for ways to turn what is complex into something that is simple and intuitive.

Serious about security

We believe accreditation is a key aspect of security at your event, especially as we live in times when events increasingly have to deal with material and digital security risks.

Solving problems

What we build is here to solve your problems and make your work — and thus your life — easier and more fun.

Contact us

Before contacting us with support-related questions, please have a look at our Support section, where you will find the answer to dozens of frequently asked questions.

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Accredion — a Scrn product
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Accredion is currently available to a select group of world class events as beta. Interested in using Accredion for your next event as well?

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