Why we built Accredion

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To create the best accreditation/credentialing platform for events in the world — that has been our mission from the very first day we started working on Accredion. But how and why did we build an online accreditation platform from scratch?

A bit of history…

Back in 2008, our digital agency Scrn was asked to take care of online accreditation at the largest music competition ánd one of the most advanced TV productions in the world: the Eurovision Song Contest, organised annually by one of our main clients, the European Broadcasting Union. We looked around; there was Excel. And then there were multi-million euro/dollar systems built by the world’s leading IT companies. And in between, there were all sorts of solutions that just didn’t fit their needs. So, we built a custom accreditation system, which over the years grew to become one of the fundamental pillars of the event’s organisation.

As often happens with custom-made software solutions, it is being tweaked and changed over the years. Where the platform was originally intended for press and artists, its use expanded to facilitate backstage production crew and event organisers as well. A layer was added to function as intranet, where key stakeholders exchanged files and important data. In a few short years, the platform was being used for purposes it was never intended for. Over time, the platform became more difficult to maintain, all while expectations of users grew and digital security demands — rightfully! — increased.

Based on years of fine-tuning and countless lessons learned, we decided to completely rebuild the platform in 2017. A year later, we are launching Accredion — and we are incredibly excited to share it with fellow event organisers around the world.

Why we believe Accredion can make a difference

Accreditation is a fundamental aspect of each event’s security concept. It’s a way to decide who is in, and who is out. Who can go where and when. All too often, event organisers are stuck with Excel and the hassle of manually creating badges, or an online tool that simply provides an event registration form. Or they choose for a bulky tool, which can either do too little or too much, and always costs more than the value — or the lack of it — that they bring. With Accredion, we want to give tens of thousands of event organisers an alternative.

This is only just the beginning

Accredion is a so-called Software As A Service (SAAS) platform. Its fundament is based on a decade of experience with accreditation and the ambition to further develop the platform based on your needs as event organiser and the growing expectations of your guests. Robert van Steen, who leads the team of developers behind Accredion, explains his team’s vision on the platform’s future development: “Rather than developing all sorts of new features we believe, guess or assume event organisers and their guests need, we decided to focus on a strong fundament and instead be prepared to implement features event organisers and their guests wish to have.”

On the 29th of January, we are launching Accredion for the Eurovision Song Contest, the largest music competition ánd one of the most advanced TV productions in the world.

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To create the best accreditation/credentialing platform in the world — that’s our mission. Want to empower your next conference, sports or entertainment event with Accredion? Have a look at the dozens of features Accredion is packed with and our no-nonsense pricingRequest early access!