Accredion is packed with powerful features to make event accreditation/credentialing a delight instead of a headache.

From the cloud to your browser

No more hassle with servers, expensive software or less-than-ideal solutions. A versatile accreditation tool, right in your browser.


Secured with SSL and password encryption in line with industry standards and EU regulation.

Set up in minutes

Accredion’s intuitive design will help you to set up your accreditation platform in minutes.

Multiple events, simultaneously

Run accreditation for multiple events simultaneously, each event having its own configuration.

Fully scalable

For simple or complex events with multiple venues, complex zoning and privileges. Set limits to keep control over your event.

Open or invitation-based

Open up for applications, or restrict access by sending out invitations. Or do both, using different settings for different categories, at the same time.

Create categories

Create categories for e.g. crew, press or VIP guests, with pre-configured privileges.

Dashboard analytics

Your dashboard gives you real-time analytics on your accreditation process.

Application form wizard

Collect specific data based on the category a person is applying in, based on your needs.

Advanced customisation

Customise branding, automated emails, terms and conditions, and more.

EU-GDPR compliant

Each applicant can manage their own personal data, compliant with the new European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

One dashboard to rule them all

As Accredion user you get access to your personalised dashboard, which shows your most important accreditation data in one glance. Convinced yet? Check out our simple pricing model.


… or scroll down for more features!

Accredion Dashboard

Review in real-time

Review incoming applications efficiently right as they come in.

Applicant dashboard

Applicants can log in to check the status of their application in real-time through their personal dashboard.

Double application detection

Accredion detects double applications to protect the integrity of your data.

Set alerts

Configure alerts to get notified by email when someone specific submits their application for accreditation.

Print badges

Print badges straight from your browser in various formats.

QR codes

Add a QR code to your badges for access control (coming soon).

Data retention

Duplicate settings and applications to give yourself and your guests a head start at your next event.


AccredionPLUS is an additional set of advanced collaboration tools to empower your event team.

Document storage

Store your most important documents and share them with your accredited crew or guests.

Collect and share data

Gather data you need to organise your event from individuals or groups by creating smart forms.

Send email newsletters

Integrate with MailChimp to fully benefit from its powerful email platform in combination with Accredion.

Empower your teams to collaborate

Create groups, e.g. for sports teams, production departments or country delegations, and delegate group management to others.


Get started

Accredion is currently available to a select group of world class events as beta. Interested in using Accredion for your next event as well?

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