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If you have difficulties logging in to your Accredion account, there may be a problem with your login credentials or account status, browser settings, device or network connection. In this article, we’ll take you through the issues can prevent you from logging in to Accredion, and how to solve them.

You are trying to log in to the wrong event organisation.

Accredion is being used by multiple event organisations, each using their own sub-domain. Make sure you access the right sub-domain. You can find the sub-domain in the original confirmation email which you received when you set up your account.

You are trying to log in using the wrong email address.

At Accredion, your email address is your username. For privacy reasons, it is not possible to check which of your email addresses you use for your Accredion account if you have more than one email account. We recommend you search through your inboxes for the original confirmation email which you received when you set up your account. Alternatively, you can try to log in using the various email addresses you use.

Your password is incorrect.

If you are using an incorrect password or don’t remember it, you can request for a password reset via the login page.

Your account has been blocked.

The event organiser may have blocked your account. In that case, you can no longer log in to Accredion, until the event organiser lifts your ban.

Your browser or device settings prevent Accredion from working properly.

Accredion is meant to work with the latest versions of all major browsers — Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft EDGE. If you experience browser issues using Accredion, we recommend you update your browser. Also, make sure your browser accepts cookies and JavaScript.

Also make sure the date and time on your device are set correctly.

Your device has network issues or restrictions.

Although Accredion was developed to work even on slow internet connections, a very slow connection may affect your user experience. Network interruptions or restrictions may also cause problems while using Accredion, for example when you are on a public wifi network (e.g. in a coffee shop, restaurant or at an airport).

If you believe your connection causes the problem, we recommend you run a network speed test. If your connection’s upload/download speeds are under 1Mbps, we recommend you ask your IT department or Internet Service Provider to help you improve the quality of your connection.

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